Kelly James Enger

Kelly James Enger

Service-oriented custom content

I create content for companies, nonprofits, and consumer pubs/sites, specializing in health/wellness, fitness, and nutrition pieces. I also work in the fitness industry.

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His and Her Heart Health

Gender makes a difference when it comes to heart disease. Learn more about your risk, and how to prevent developing heart disease.


All About That Bass

Want more from your workout? Here's why music can give you more results.

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Dancing Like the Stars

Dancing isn't just great fun to watch--it's awesome exercise, too! Here's how to get started.

hap balanced living

Ripped or Ripped Off?

Don't get snared by gimmicks to shed pounds or sculpt a manly bod. Here are the five keys to spotting a dodgy diet or workout plan.

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Family Circle

Biggest Exercise Blunders

Stop sabotaging your workout with these surprisingly common mistakes and you'll see the pounds disappear in no time....

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Zzz Truth about Sleep

You probably know you should sleep more, but do you know why? Learn why sleep is essential and how to get more quality sleep every night.


Put on the Brakes

Worried about developing heart disease, cancer, or another serious condition? Here's how to avoid four common but avoidable health problems.


Exercise for the Ages

Your exercise needs change as you get older. We've got the right prescription for you regardless of age.


Workouts That Work

Diabetes doesn't have to stop you from exercising; in fact, staying active can help you maintain good control. Here's how.

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How to Avoid a Gym-fection

The gym is a great place to get fit--and get sick, too. Here's how to avoid picking up gym-related germs.

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Living in a Caffeinated World

Caffeine's not just found in drinks anymore; it's popping up in beauty and skin care products too. But does it really make for smoother skin?

Risk article

Why taking risks is good for you

We caution our kids against risky behavior, but sometimes risk can be good for you....

How to Be Your Own Coach | Runner's World

How to Be Your Own Coach | Runner's World


"We did it!"

What really happens after bariatric surgery? Five people--all of whom lost more than 100 pounds post-surgery--share their stories.

IDEA Fitness Journal

How Constructive Criticism Makes You a Better Instructor

Embrace feedback as a gateway to a successful career.